Greg "evilive98" Fultz's Homepage!!

This Site has been retired as of 09/09/2015 see below for a brief history of the site. To contact Greg Fultz use the URL

My Homepage has been up since 1998 in the course of it's life cycle it's been viewed over 35,000+ times from people around the world. it was my "first site" and it's been neglected for a lot of years so it still had that classic Y2K feel to it. at the time of it's creation it was an amazing site it was my little corner of the interwebs where I expressed myself. Some of the most notable features of the site was GEFCAM, GEF@Walmart, GEFBLOG, GEFopoly, Crack The Safe(Game) & GEF forums among other little ditty's that amused me. My goal was always to entertain people and to give me an outlet for creativity. But like i said it fell into the history books life got busy and then wasn't as much of a need for it once social networking became popular. I just found otherwise to put myself out there I'm an open book as many people know and I like sharing my life with the world. but it's time that I officially retire this part of my past it's long overdue. So with that I bid farewell to my personal homepage. I'm still out there in the interwebs and I'm sure you'll be able to find me if you look hard enough. Cheers Everyone!